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Commercial 诉讼 can be daunting, given the potential consequences — 诉讼 can interfere with business, expose an entity to unwanted public scrutiny, 和更多的.

在网投十大可靠娱乐平台 & 网投十大可靠娱乐平台公司., L.P.A., our team is committed to helping clients achieve practical results that are considerate of their overall business interests.  这样做的时候, we invest the resources and attention necessary to understand the underlying legal matter to a degree that enables us to develop creative, highly-tailored strategies.

We primarily serve commercial entities — including manufacturers, 分销商, service providers, 零售商, construction companies — and professionals (i.e., physicians, dentists, accountants, architects, engineers etc.), taking on a more comprehensive role similar to that of traditional in-house counsel.

Our clients are typically small-to-midsized businesses for whom full-time in-house counsel is not economically feasible, or even strategically sensible.  然而, these clients may be involved in complex legal disputes that require truly sophisticated representation.  That’s where we come in. Clients often come to us with legal matters that involve co-extensive transactional, 诉讼, and advisory issues — our attorneys have a long and successful track record of handling such matters.

Breach of Contract and Contract Disputes

在网投十大可靠娱乐平台 & 网投十大可靠娱乐平台, we routinely advocate on behalf of clients involved in difficult contract disputes. These disputes may be resolved without advancing to 诉讼 — oftentimes, we find that we can secure a favorable result through mediation or arbitration.  When 诉讼 is necessary, 然而, we are well-prepared to advance our client’s interests aggressively.

Contract disputes we handle often involve, but are not limited to, the following agreements:

  • 就业
  • 供应商/供应
  • 建设
  • 分布
  • 佣金
  • R&D
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Service agreements
  • 许可
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • 和更多的


We have experience representing clients in complex corporate matters, from shareholder disputes to derivative actions and forced liquidations.  We have also handled 诉讼 — both for the defense and as plaintiff’s counsel — in which the corporate veil is flimsy and ambiguous in nature, and could therefore be pierced.

It’s worth noting that our team is comprised of attorneys with broad skill-sets that are relevant to business-related matters.  Attorney Robert 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 was an active CPA licensed in Ohio for 20 years, and principal in a CPA firm for nearly a decade. Attorney Michael 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 is experienced in accounting and tax.  Both are proficient in business entity formation, administration, preparation and analysis of financial statements, 纳税申报表, 和审计.


We have handled employment-related commercial 诉讼 on every side of the employer/employee relationship. On the corporate plaintiff-side, we help employers to enforce non-compete and confidentiality agreements and protect company intellectual property rights. We handle employment-related commercial 诉讼 on the corporate defense-side to avoid liability and damages in disputes centering around non-compete clauses, wrongful termination and discrimination, intellectual property misappropriation, workers’ and unemployment compensation issues, 和欺诈, among various other issues. As for employees, we handle a variety of offensive and defensive claims, including breach of contract, discrimination, 骚扰, wrongful termination, injury and the enforcement of state and federal employment rights


Large-scale real estate transactions involving commercial entities are complex affairs with a high risk of liability exposure (given the number of parties involved, the stakes of the project, 和更多). Our experience in a broad range of 诉讼 gives us a competitive advantage in handling sophisticated real estate matters.  We work with businesses in a variety of real estate disputes, from mechanic’s liens, 丧失抵押品赎回权, partition-related issues to landlord-tenant conflicts.

If you are involved in a serious commercial dispute — and would like to learn more about 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 & 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 and what sort of legal assistance we can provide to help resolve the matter at-hand — then we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.  In our initial consultation, we will evaluate your case and identify actionable issues.